Do you dream of a bright white smile with immaculate teeth? A cinematic Hollywood smile? Teeth that we encounter among others, many stars are natural in the rarest cases. So the natural dentition of man often shows abnormalities such as cracks and chips on individual teeth or misalignment and discoloration of the teeth. Tooth discoloration are promoted among other things by the natural aging process and by certain beverages and foods.

We are proud to utilize the most advanced materials and Techniques for the construction of Veneers. Our goal is to truely tranform your smile to the next level. anyone can have their Hollywood smile.

What are Veneers?
Veneers are very thin layer of Porclain or Porclain byproduct that can be bonded infront of a tooth to either improve tooth color or adjust its look(close a gap, imrove length or misalginment).

What is the process?
the Process starts with an intial visit where the doctor evaluates your teeth and listen to your goals. Id the dentist determine that you are a good candidate for veneers the treatment itself is simple and Painless. Veneers are two to three visits process starts with making sure the teeth are designed to create the best possible cosmetic look followed by a Dental Labratory constrcuting the desired veeners based on the impression and instruction that the patient and doctor agreed on. What type of Materials used? Our Doctors have and can work with any specific materials from Lumineers to their favorit one which is IPS EMAX materials. The IPS Emax has a superior cosmetic look and translucency. this is their logo and link.