Invisalign in San Francisco

If you want to correct a malocclusion and dispense same to the inconvenience of conventional braces, we help you in the dental practice in Zurich Bellevue happy with Invisalign on. The nearly invisible braces alternative will affect your daily life hardly.


Behind the concept of Invisalign Aligners hide called. It is transparent and clear plastic rails that you wear on your teeth for the purpose of straightening teeth. The rails used in Invisalign plastic are created exactly according to your tooth pattern and cover your teeth therefore almost like a second skin. In order to reach a position to be determined in advance of your teeth using Invisalign, you carry over the treatment period of time changing tracks that match your current dental situation are adjusted each. Through the intended effect of the pressure of Invisalign Aligners on your teeth take your teeth gradually corrected positions. This Invisalign is one of the most popular methods of Zahnfehlststellungskorrektur.


Compared to alternative forms of braces to Invisalign is characterized by several advantages.
First, the used transparent plastic rails for the observer are barely visible. Although this effect of optical unobtrusiveness is also alternatives such as lingual braces (this will be secured by brackets to the tooth inside) to achieve, but potential initial impairment of debate are more pronounced than with Invisalign in this form of braces normally.

Because the aligners of Invisalign are also removable, you can adjust their carrying your individual daily routine – before the intake of foods or drinks, it is advisable, for example, to take the rails out of the mouth. The teeth were cleaned after a meal, ideally, the plastic trays can then easily replace. Even during the teeth-cleaning the aligners can be removed without effort, so that an unrestricted oral hygiene continues to maintain without problems even during Invisalignbehandlung.

By opting for Invisalign, you benefit not least from the advantage that you (have to deal with traditional fixed and loose braces barely) on metallic components in your mouth can do without.


Would you like to be carried out in our dental clinic, a dental straightening using Invisalign, we carry with you first a comprehensive briefing. During this call, you can for example explain, what goals you want to achieve by a Invisalign treatment. We then look at your teeth from dental perspective and explain individually appropriate treatment steps. Based on a computer simulation in 3D we can already demonstrate figuratively to initiation of therapy, how your teeth will be expected to be successful treatment end.

The individually necessary amount of time a Invisalign treatment in Zurich and the total number to be used Aligners are based among others on the desired correction amount and the response of your teeth in the therapy process. On average, a dental corrective action extends with Invisalign over about 6 – 18 Months.

Are you interested in a dental correction by Invisalign, we will inform you in our premises in Zurich about individual treatment options. To contact us by telephone or use our contact form .