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Has a tooth injuries, which are not sufficient to resolve through measures such as fillings, a Conservative Dentistry is using crowns possible. But Crown is not the same crown – especially with respect to the denture material used there are clear differences between the possible variants. With ceramic crowns we offer you in our dental practice Bellevue in Zurich a form of dental prosthesis at which unites diverse advantages in itself.



Opt in case of the need for a crown restorations made of ceramic, so select the same quality features as high quality, biocompatibility (tolerance) and aesthetics: Since ceramic crowns (unlike crowns of alternative materials) cause any incompatibility reactions normally, the denture is even for use in allergic individuals. . Also receiving ceramic Kroner no danger of interactions with befindlichem in the mouth dentures deviating state of
Especially with ceramic crowns in the anterior region is the positive aesthetic component of this Krone variant to advantage – because of its color and material characteristics ceramic is as dentures hardly of adjacent natural teeth to differ. Because ceramic crowns reflect light in a manner similar to natural tooth structure. Unlike metal-containing crowns occur in ceramic crowns also no dark gleaming tooth edges, which are often perceived by stakeholders as aesthetically ugly.



We use ceramic crowns in our Zahnkinik in many ways. Thus, ceramic crowns are for example as a filling substitute for heavily damaged tooth structure or to the restoration of cracks in the tooth. In addition, ceramic crowns can also be used preventively and for example prevent weak teeth are damaged. As part of aesthetically motivated dental treatments we use ceramic crowns among other things, to encase highly discolored teeth or dental implants. In addition to possibly cover of root-treated teeth, the ceramic crown may eventually form a basis for bridges to be created. Basically ceramic crowns are to be attached to both molars and front teeth to.



Unlike metal-containing Crowns Crowns are to install ceramic comparatively gentle manner. For a ceramic crown requires no supporting elements that need to be ground into the natural tooth material. For the purpose of inserting a ceramic crown, we combine the crown material by a special glue directly to the remaining tooth structure. Earlier this tooth substance is given a expert touch that increases the liability of the Crown.

In order to provide you with a ceramic crown, which adapts ideally to be supplied to the tooth, we create a rule, first an impression of the respective tooth. Based on this impression an individual ceramic crown can then be rebuilt, the addition blends harmoniously into its adjacent tooth structure also in terms of structure and color. To protect your tooth to be crowned until the completion of the individual ceramic crown from unpleasant influences such as cold and / or heat, we provide you with a temporary (mostly made of plastic) temporary. Depending on the position of a tooth to be treated is such a temporary addition purposes such as aesthetics and preservation of chewiness. Would you like to get further information about ceramic crowns, we advise you very much in detail about possible individual treatment steps in our dental practice in Zurich Bellevue. Simply pick up contact with us.